The chapter talks about how the wage pyramid of drug dealers is very similar to corporate america. Just like CEOs the bosses of the gangs make a very good living while the “foot soldiers”, the ones who sell the drugs on the streets, make as much as a McDonalds worker.  Many of them also have to get legitimate low age jobs on top of dealing in order to make a living. Foot soldiers earn less than $3.30 and hour.  Also working conditions are very bad as well. THey are very likely to get injured or even killed on street corners.  on average these dealers are arrested 5.9 times, no-fatally injured 2.4 times, and also have a 1 in 4 chance of being killed while working.

For my statistics I do not know any page numbers because I have the freakonomics book on my kindle


Assignment 3

My hypothesis that I will be exploring in my research paper is that If a person drinks and/or smokes then that person will receive a lower income level than a person who abstains from these activities.  I chose this topic because I am extremely interested in health related subjects.  Finding one that I could use for an economics paper that I am also very interested is fantastic.  After looking at some data I have seen that smoking has a much more profound effect on income and employment.  Drinking has much less of on impact which I had a hard time to believe.  There was also one study that said moderate drinkers make more money than those who abstain.

Assignment 1

Before this class I have not really experienced any blogging.  I always saw blogs when I was doing research for work but always seemed to stay clear of them because it is something i never fully understood.  Looking at the blogs that I have chosen for this assignment I see that I am wrong.  There are a lot of credible and informing blogs.  One of the blogs I chose was freakonomics.  The topics that are chose in this blog are not dry topics that I expected.  I am also following the Wall Street Journal blog.  There are numerous amounts of articles that are posted daily on this blog.  The articles stem from topics such as the Middle East, the Federal Reserve and working ages and pensions.  THe final blog that I choose for this assignment is a simple economics blog that looks a lot like the Wall Street Journal blog and covers much of the same topics.